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Faq | iv therapy

why IV?

Some oral supplements may pass through the body without being absorbed, and certain vitamins can interfere with absorption when taken concurrently. Nevertheless, when employing IV therapy, there is no need for concern since it guarantees 100% nutrient absorption, regardless of the dosage. The efficiency of IV therapy makes it a rapid solution for issues like hangovers, jet lag, and even colds, as demonstrated in numerous instances.

The IVs contain components that are naturally present in the body or are commonly found in our daily diet. All of our drip formulas have been meticulously crafted with a FDA-designated 503B compounding pharmacy to ensure the utmost quality.

what's in the drip?

Any medical procedure carries inherent risks, but IV therapy is generally considered safe and minimally invasive.  It is crucial to undergo a thorough and honest evaluation. This enables healthcare professionals to identify any potential risks or situations where specific ingredients may not be suitable for you. It's important to emphasize that every session should be conducted under the vigilant supervision of a medical professional.
The most frequently encountered side effect is typically bruising or skin irritation at the injection site. Our well-trained professionals will provide you with education and guidance on each ingredient, ensuring you feel confident throughout every step of your drip therapy experience.

is it safe?

The duration of effects can be significant, lasting anywhere from 3 to 5 days, depending on an individual's lifestyle. NAD+ effects can be even more enduring, persisting for a notable 3 to 5 weeks. Furthermore, it's worth noting that the effects can be extended further by incorporating oral supplements into one's routine.

how long does it last?

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